8th April: Happy Easter

That’s it for the daily updates. I really value all the things that I’ve started over lent and I hope I’ll be able to continue with them. I’ll also try to keep starting new things as these 40 challenges take root in my life. For a reflection of the last couple of months click here.

Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone for reading my blog (1,635 hits over the last couple of months from at least 18 different countries). It’s made it even more worthwhile.

I’ll continue to blog (albeit a little less frequently) so do click follow or check back regularly.

Happy Easter!


Count Your Blessings:

The following prayer is from the final day of Christian Aid’s ‘Count Your Blessings’ Sheet which I’ve been following each day of lent:

“Dear Lord, as we give thanks for the gift of your son, we remember that love and life are always stronger than violence and death. Help us to see past ourselves that we may love as he loves and bring your peace to the world.”

Count Your Blessings fact: Major Janvier Bulambo was one of 492 high-ranking Congolese soldiers to receive civilian rights training organised by Christian Aid partner CBCA. The training has seen the beginning of reconciliation between soldiers and civilians and a hope to finally bring peace to the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.
 As we give thanks for our risen Lord, give thanks for all people around the world who are working for peace and reconcilliation
(Joint) Total Donation to Christian Aid: £37.84

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