24th March: Random Acts of Kindness

When I set out on these challenges I was quite clear that I didn’t want to do anything weird – For example, ‘Rapping in a public place’ was one of the suggestions that I didn’t add to the list of challenges.

Today’s task could lend itself to doing something quite original and perhaps daring, but every time I ran an idea past someone, they told me it was weird. For example, ‘How would you feel if you received an anonymous gift in the post?’ I would feel really pleased but the answer came back – ‘I’d probably be a bit freaked out…’ another person responded with a story of how their grandfather had called out the bomb disposal team because he’d received a package he wasn’t expecting (it turned out to be a teddy bear from his daughter!). Another idea was to randomly give flowers to someone in the street, but it was deemed that this too could be misinterpreted as me making a pass at them!

In the end I decided to just look for the small ways in which I can do random acts of kindness, ways which are genuinely kind and helpful, things that would make other people’s lives just a little bit better. So, when I went to the sports shop I put a couple of the escaped balls back in the basket. I said ‘yes’ when asked if I’d like to donate a pound to Sports Relief,’ I gave our friends a lift home and I carried on doing some of the other things I’ve started over lent.

But then, I found this website. The concept is that along with the random act of kindness you also give out a card explaining why you’re doing it and directing them to the website! So I’m going to give some thought to what I can do and continue to look for opportunities to make people a little happier! Let me know if you have any ideas!


Count Your Blessings fact: A decade ago, trapped in a cycle of violance and crime, Humphrey could not have imagined that he would be driving change within his community in Kenya. With help from Christian Aid partner Maji na Ufanisi, Humphrey learnt the skills needed to lead Kiambiu Youth group and now runs one of the five water and sanitation blocks Maji built in Kiambiu.
Task: Give thanks for young people throughout the world who want to make a real difference/Give 10p for every rubbish bin or waste paper bin you have in your home.
(Joint) Running total: £29.24

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