March 22nd: Signing petitions and letter writing

When I was young, maybe 12 years old, I signed a petition for the drop the debt campaign and I also attached a letter to it. I then forgot all about it until a few months later when we got a phone call. I was invited to go to 10 Downing street to deliver my letter in person as well as the petitions received from others all over the country.

It was a significant experience for me at the time but what strikes me looking back, is that even though everyone had been encouraged to write letters (because they were considered more effective than just signing the petition), only a handful of people had done. It’s easy to rely on everyone else to do the campaigning, But what could happen if everyone took even a small stand for what they believe in?

Today I sent/signed things using the following couple of websites:


Count Your Blessings fact: Children around the world miss a total of 443 million days of school every year due to water related illnesses
Task: Give 5p for every clean glass of water you have drunk today
(Joint) Running total: £27.55

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