15th March: Eat Healthier – Half way through

Today my task is to eat healthier, which for me means smaller portion sizes; the extra fruit is also helping me to eat healthier. That’s about all there is to write about that but today is also the 20th Day of lent (not including Sundays) so I’m half way through!

As such, I thought it would be good to give a quick recap on what I’m doing and how it’s going with the other 19 things I’ve started. For some things the challenge is remembering to do them, for others its motivation and for others it’s finding time. But overall I feel quite proud of what I’ve managed to do and feel like I’ve made a lot of positive improvements to my life and hopefully to the world around me.

  1. Do the Christian Aid: Count Your Blessings challenge. – Doing every day, always makes me think!
  2. Start using ‘bags for life’ when I go shopping – Always remember at the supermarket, but accidentally received a plastic bag from a clothes shop the other day.
  3. Clear out unwanted stuff each month and give it to a charity shop  – Did, will do again before the end of the month
  4. Start eating at least 2 pieces of fruit every day – Doing
  5. Swap a number of regularly bought food items for fairly traded ones –  So far so good. Sometimes it’s hard to get the same products each week. We may revert to getting 5 FT products at anyone time but not necessarily the same ones.
  6. Start reading the local papers that come through the door – I have a bit of catching up to do, but it was good the other day to find a story where we could send money from our charity budget to help
  7. Make a bird feeder – We made 3, although the birds have preferred to rag them off the tree and eat off the ground, One bird-feeder survives! Not sure if they still need it now it’s spring so we may replace it with a bird bath instead.
  8. Take 10 minutes each day to be reflective – I do this three days out of four. it’s generally quite good, but sometimes a little boring. I’ve recently started finding youtube videos with relaxing music and scenes of nature to have on in the background, or go outside if it’s warm enough
  9. Write a letter to a stranger (prisoner, soldier etc.) – Yes, must remember to do it again soon
  10. Invite people round to dinner at least twice a month – Had a really nice time on both occasions. Note. we’re not limiting it to twice a month so if any of you would like dinner just let me know
  11. Set a monthly charity budget – Was a tough decision but we’re really enjoying sending money  off!
  12. Start gardening – As I see dead flower heads or weeds coming through I try and deal with them now.
  13. Recycle more – Yes we are doing, although the council still haven’t delivered our green bin.
  14. Start exercising for at least an hour every week – Started Korfball, am going again this week
  15. Do an environmental audit of our house – Yes and we continue to try and turn off plugs and lights etc.
  16. Take at least 1 full day off per week – plan to!
  17. Support independent shops – Haven’t really managed to yet but will try to consider it next time we need something
  18. Take up a bible reading plan for the year – Have done it on both days since taking it up, feels harder than it should be to make the time
  19. Look for beauty within the ordinary – I really enjoyed taking the photographs!


Count Your Blessings fact: In Somalia, for every 80 children born, one of them will die from causes connected with the pregnancy. In Britain there is around one death for every 8,000 children born
Task: Give 20p for every child you are related to
(Joint) Running total: £23.60

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